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Your partner for diplomatic motorcycle in Germany


Are you a diplomat or a member of an international or military organization? Each day you perform a special role, for us you are a very special customer.

The Diplomatic Sales Office of the BMW branch in Berlin offers you exclusive “BMW Diplomatic Vehicle Offers (DCO)”.

Whether you live in Germany as a diplomat, go on a mission abroad or work in another country, as a member of an international organization – we support you from model selection to delivery and beyond.

Based upon your requirements, we will find your appropriate BMW and financing that suits your needs.

On request, we also offer you service packages for care-free ownership.

We guarantee professional processing far beyond the purchase of the motorcycle.

Take advantage of this opportunity and arrange your test drive experience, as well as an individual diplomatic car sale consultation.

Of course, we would also be pleased to visit you at your location.

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Diplomatic Vehicle: Who is eligible?

The benefits of BMW Diplomatic Car Sales are available exclusively for diplomats and employees of international organizations. Administrative employees with a protocol identity are eligible.

Examples of international Institutions entitled to participate in den BMW Diplomatic Sales program:


  • Main organizations with its departments and offices
  • Specialist agencies and institutions, e.g. ILO, UNESCO, ITU
  • World Bank Group (IBRD) and IMF


  • European Commission, European Parliament, European Court 
  • Their executive bodies and institutions, e.g. ECB, ESC, EPO
  •  Their agencies, e.g. Europol

Internationally-coordinated organizations:

  • NATO
  • OEDC
  •  ESA
  •  WEU
  • Council of Europe

Other international organizations, e.g.:

  • CERN
  •  Interpol
  • OSCE
  •  GIZ (German Association for international Cooperation GmbH)

To confirm your status as a diplomat and get a diplomatic vehicle, we require one of the following:

• Diplomatic passport from the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
• Official passport issued by the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
• Laissez-passer/Official passport from the UN or associated organizations
• Ministerial passport
• NATO ID CARD or service passport

Your contact for BMW Diplomatic Sales Germany is looking forward to a personal meeting with you:

Morten Berg
Verkauf Motorrad
tel:030 20099 1626 030 20099 1626
tel:030 20099 1110 030 20099 1110 E-Mail schreiben